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Bea Lewis, CEO of BEAHIVE, LLC, is an author, dynamic speaker, retired educator, and former Hearing Officer of Duval County Public Schools, who has led and served students, schools and administrations for 36 years. Holding a M.S. in Educational Leadership, her approach to education can be summed up as follows, "Do what is in the best interest of children during the day, so that you can lay your head down and rest well every night."

Her first published book release, "Really? Apples Don't Fall Far From the Tree," has been a tremendous resource and guiding light to many educators throughout the country. The overall response is that it is "engaging, entertaining, but most importantly, thought provoking and reflective."

She has presented at many conferences including The Achievement Gap Conference in Chicago, The International Association for Laboratory Schools at Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL., Teach Better Together Conference in Jacksonville, FL. 2015, the 44,th Annual Conference of The National Alliance of Black School Educators for 2016 in Tampa, FL., and The University of Northern Iowa's 2017 African American Children and Families Conference, Cedar Falls, Iowa.

Wherever she has spoken or conducted workshops, she uses these 3 R's as a focus; "real, raw and relevant." The feedback has always been overwhelmingly positive:
"The presentation forced me to look at myself and evaluate my communication with students, parents and other teachers."
"Excellent strategies provided."
"Passionate, knowledgeable and yet humorous."
"I love personal experiences mixed in with the facts."
"Best presentation I attended today."
"Everything she talked about was so true."
"The tips and pointers she gave us on dealing with difficult parents, students and teachers were very befitting. I look forward to trying some of them back in my district."

Bea's direct "keep it real" style, infused with humor allows her to speak from the heart with conviction and authority to impart common sense advice.

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