Our Services

BEAHIVE Education Consulting, LLC was formed in 2013 to serve a need for students, parents, teachers and education organizations that were struggling to develop skills needed to build a positive school climate and culture. Students were not engaged, parents were frustrated, teachers were ill prepared, schools were failing, and communities were complaining. BEAHIVE Education Consulting, LLC services were a much-needed resource that would begin to put all of the pieces in place.

Professional services provided include, but are not limited to:

  • • Classroom Management
  • • School wide and District Discipline Planning
  • • With-it-ness Skills
  • • Leadership Development
  • • Communication Styles
  • • Team Building
  • • Parenting Skills
  • • Conferencing Skills with Difficult Parents, Students, Teachers & Other Administrators
  • • Diversity Awareness Training
  • • Diversity Pedagogy
  • • Diversity Curriculum Development
  • • On-line Course Diversity Awareness Development
  • • Public Speaking
  • • Keynote Speaking

Ms. Lewis has provided professional development services for The Southwest Initiative Teacher Preparedness Project in partnership with Worthington ISD 518, Minnesota West Community and Technical College, Southeast Minnesota University; Duval County Public Schools, Jacksonville Gadsden County Public Schools Quincy, Florida, and Leon County, Tallahassee, Fl.,

These professional development trainings are centered using Bea’s three (3) R’s as a focus; “real, raw and relevant.” Bea’s direct “keep it real” style, infused with humor allows her to speak from the heart with conviction and authority to impart common sense advice and best practices.

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