Testimony by: Dr. Dwight Watson

I purchased Ms. Lewis’s book for my entire teacher education department.  We used it as a common read for our professional development in order to broaden our understanding of parents and their children.  We shared our own stories about students we taught (our apples) and how we interacted with their parents (our trees).  Our authentic stories paired with Ms. Lewis’s candor and humor gave us a foundation for case studies and activities for our teacher education students. We found the book to be enlightening, engaging, entertaining, but most of all educative.
~ Provost and Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs Southwest Minnesota State University

Testimony by: Dr. Ida Walker

Bea Lewis is a riveting, cutting edge motivational speaker! Bea has the uncanny ability to captivate diverse audiences (teachers, assistant principals, principals, as well as district leaders). Bea Lewis is straight forward--her examples are practical and based on experiences that are relevant and applicable to the field.
~ Director of Professional Learning~Gadsden County Schools

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